Shamron Mills says “THANK YOU”!

Shamron Mills is a manufacturer of all types of garments and textile items for healthcare, linen supply and other industrial settings. For the past 29 years we have been satisfying customers from Coast to Coast and beyond.  Our specialty is MEDICAL, but we also supply items used in power plants, research facilities, government agencies and heavy industry.

We continue to manufacture most of our garments and textile items in the USA, helping to provide jobs for our partners in Upstate NY, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  In an increasingly difficult textile market, we have maintained favorable relationships with fabric mills and converters in the US which enables us to offer a variety of fabrics and colors for quick turn around and superior quality.

Our loyal distributor customers stay in constant contact with us so that we can work together on the principle of never having to say “no” to a customer request.  We frequently offer SOURCING suggestions to our customers who know that we have a vast network in our textile world.

Please call us for in stock and CUSTOM reusable items: scrubs, patient gowns, pajamas, pediatric apparel, bathrobes, examination gowns, coveralls, operating room gowns, wrappers, draw sheets, lap drapes with fenestrations, consultation jackets, lab coats and other items too numerous to mention that we make to order.

If you don’t already know us, please call so we can get to know you. We are very hands on and give every order and project our personal attention.  Since 1983 we have been growing and serving the ever changing institutional market. 
We can be reached at 800 426-1414 or  Please get in touch.  I look forward to getting to know you.

Your orders help employ American workers.  We thank you!